Clean Plate Q&A

Diabetic, or have had a Bariatric Surgery or planning to get one, can Clean Plate Help?

  • Absolutely, we’ve structured our process so everyone can benefit for CP Meals, what we normally do if you have a dietary need, is we can adjust the options for you, we can cut the portion size down if necessary, and adjust the carb load if needed, but please come by and discuss, we’d like to know how we can help.

What happens if I can’t pick up or go out of town, but I don’t want to lose my subscription price?

  • No worries we understand life happens, if you miss the pick up day, well hold your items until your available, but if it goes passed the expiration date, legally we have to dispose of them, and charge you the full amount for the order, but we are extremely flexible if you let us know you can’t order for the week or your going out of town, simply let us know through our texting group at least a week in advance and we’ll simply move your payment out, but if it goes past your charge date well refund you but keep 20% for charges occurred during the refund process.

Do you offer meal plans or subscriptions?

  • That’s what we specialize in, we offer a 10-meal plan as well as a 15-meal plan, portioned to fit your nutritional needs. You can also select a weekly plan, bi-weekly plan as well as monthly. As we rotate weekly, all orders must be manually placed by the customer each time they would like an order of our fresh healthy food. You will be sent our menu via text every Monday and you have until Wednesday to place your order for Friday pick up, if you don’t make that deadline, send your order anyway and will add you to our late group which is for Tuesday pickup at 1pm.

What meals are available?

  • Our menu selections change routinely but generally include:

  • ·         Clean Plate Meals - chose from 20 or more options

  • ·         A la Carte or Bulk - pick and choose from over 15 bulk proteins, carbs and veggies

  • ·         Custom Meals and Breakfast – definitely reach out to our team, we don’t follow specific diets, “as they change every day”  but can create a system to fit your unique taste or nutrition desires.

Do you offer custom meals?

  • Absolutely! We make these beauties to order. Have one for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as needed! Build these meals to your unique taste or nutrition profile.

  • Here are some examples of what you’ll find to build your dream plate:

  • Proteins (2-5oz options) - Brisket, Chicken, Cod, Ground Beef 90/10, Ground Turkey 93/7, Salmon, Steak (Top Sirloin) or Beef Skirt Steak (Fajita).

    • Breakfast - Egg Whites, Whole Eggs or Turkey Bacon, Reg. Bacon.

  • Carbs (2-5oz options)- Brown or White Rice, Jasmine Rice, Gluten-Free Penne Pasta, Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Diced Golden Potatoes

    • Breakfast - Protein Pancakes, Over-night Protein cold Oats.

  • Veggies – (2-5oz options) Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Beans, Bell peppers,

  • Each plate holds up to 15 ounces depending on the combination and type of products selected.

How do I cook the meals?

  • All of our meals are fully cooked and designed for quick, easy microwave heating. Refrigerated Clean Plate Meals will require 2-2.5 minutes in the microwave.

  • Alternative heating methods can also be used, for example:


  • Stovetop: If you enjoy the addition of sauces or dry spices, the stovetop is your best friend! To begin, remove the lid, place food in a medium-high skillet, and cover. Stir occasionally until food reaches desired temperature.

  • Air fryer: You've got to try this one! Preparation is similar to the stovetop. Remove lid, place food in an air fryer basket, heat until warm. Some say that the air fryer results in a "fresher" taste than any other method.

How long do the meals last?

  • We date all our meals 5 to 7 days out. We won’t keep anything in our facilities past those days, you can however freeze your meals, but we don’t recommend anything past one week. One thing for certain is that every single plate we make has an expiration by date clearly noted. So please keep an eye out.


  • Retail Pick-Up - the expiration date on meals in stores will typically range from 5-7 days until they should be consumed. Occasionally you may find short-date (1-2 days until expiration) plates on special, but we promise you’ll have at least 7 full days on our Clean Plate Subscription meals. 

How do I know you received my order and when do I pick up?

  • You will receive a “confirmation message” through our texting system as soon as we start the count for the week. And pick up is always Friday for the early group and Tuesday for the late group after 1pm.

How many meals can I order?

  • As many as you want! Our subscriptions are designed for 10 to 15 meals, but if you need more, we can add it to your order and take an automatic 20% off everything after your meal plan.

Do you provide a starter package or free trial?

  • No but, if you’d like to try our food without a subscription, swing by any location and grab whatever you like, but keep in mind our public refrigerators tend to get sold out fast. But keep an eye out we normally have special sign up offers, and you could land huge savings.

What do I do if I have an issue with my meals?

  • Our Customer Support Staff is here to help! Please call or swing by our main location and we can definitely discuss. (361) 576-9094 or 1704 E. Airline (9am to 6pm). 

  • To help us help you, please be prepared to share details including photos or videos when possible. Our goal is to fix your issue and ensure it doesn’t happen again to another customer so details matter!

What is an affiliate?

  • Affiliates are our partners. They are athletes, social media influencers, and other successful people or groups who represent and promote our brand. These affiliates share the same passion we do about our food, and we couldn’t be more proud of our Clean Plate Affiliates!

How do I become an Affiliate?

  • We’re thrilled you want to join the CP Family! Please swing by and discuss in person, we’d love to meet you and get to know you, and we can definitely see how we can help each other.